The artist has left the building (and his artworks too): ‘Without (Jonathan Monk)’ – Meessen De Clercq (Brussels)

In for a game? Or some artsy playfulness? Then pay a visit to an exhibition of a different kind. Without (Jonathan Monk) indeed is a show without works by the British, Berlin-based artist. But it still is a show about the man who has already been described as ‘one of the cleverer jester-stalkers of the art world’ or ‘the art world’s biggest vampire’ (Monk often recycles work of other artists).
Without (Jonathan Monk), at Meessen De Clercq (Brussels, through October 27), tries to paint a picture of Monk’s universe in a different way: by presenting works by a number of artists, addressing artworks made by Monk or using his presence in one way or the other. Those works are combined with works from Monk’s art collection (Dan Graham, Sol LeWitt, Bruce Nauman).
Monk remains absent, but he is very well alive, as Markus Sixay’s contribution proves. The German artist asked Monk to install a gps tracking application on his phone. Wherever Monk will go, the work will go. At the end of each day during the exhibition Monk sends his data to the gallery and each printout will be put on the wall.
Curious by now about what is left out? You’ll find images of Monk’s work here and here. (image: courtesy M. Sixay, Mehdi Chouakri & Meessen De Clercq)



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