The view is spectacular, and the painting is rather nice too: Pieter Vermeersch at Appartement Elisa Platteau (Brussels)

Just another empty apartment, waiting for the next tenant to move in? It sure looks so. But it isn’t. This is an art gallery. Albeit an empty one, for the time being. Although: empty? Look closer at those walls. The dégradé might look slightly familiar. Indeed: it’s an in-situ painting by Belgian artist Pieter Vermeersch. His work of art is the first one to be ‘installed’ at this 10th floor apartment in Brussels (through Nov 3). Appartement is a new project by gallerist Elisa Platteau who is also presenting a solo show by Vermeersch at her ‘real’ gallery (through October 20). At the apartment she will host exhibitions for one year. During that year, new works will be added to form an exhibition. And I know it’s about the art, but let me share this secret with you: the view of the skyline of Brussels, from that 10th floor, is spectacular. That alone is worth the trip. (Appartement Elisa Platteau can be visited Thur-Sat, 2-6 PM; info here).


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