Trying to make it work: ‘Mindscapes’ – Centrale For Contemporary Art (Brussels)

Some cafés or restaurants never really get off the ground, no matter how much work is put into it. Bad karma? I hope De Elektriciteitscentrale/La Centrale Electrique isn’t falling into that category. Yes, it’s conveniently located right in the center of Brussels, but: one has to know where to look to find that door. Yes, it’s a big space, but at the same time: all past exhibitions have proven that it is a difficult spot to set up a nice exhibition in. The space has recently been given a relaunch by the city of Brussels, with a new name (Centrale For Contemporary Art) and a new artistic director (Carine Fol, ex-Art&Marges), so now would be the right moment to go and see for yourself. Especially as Mindscapes (‘how to make the invisible visible’; through September 30) is a rather nice exhibition, with works by Dirk Braeckman, Man Ray, Bill Viola (his Reflecting pool), Carl De Keyzer, Francesca Woodman and Andreas Gursky. But you’ll agree, as you’ll be leaving the building: there’s something about this place that doesn’t really click. You’ll find an online flipping book with several works from the exhibition here.


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