The best thing one can do when it’s raining, is to let it rain – Rosas & Graindelavoix performing ‘Cesena’ at Abbaye Villers La Ville

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Is it really worth it? Yes, it is. And I’m allowed to say so, because I sat there, before the sun came up, in the worst possible weather conditions (rain and cold): watching the first of a couple of special open air performances of Cesena (at dawn) and En Atendant (sunset) by Rosas and Graindelavoix at the Abbaye Villers La Ville (near Brussels). The setting – truly magnificent – means that you’re looking at these performances in a totally different way. Respect for choreographer Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker, addressing the audience at 5.20 AM this morning, explaining that, even though the rain was pouring down, they were trying to make it as comfortable for the audience as possible. Respect for dancers and singers performing in the cold, and respect for the audience too, wrapped in blankets, watching and listening intently. You’ll find lengthier reviews here, here (Cesena) and here (En Atendant). Info: Kaaitheater and De Munt/LaMonnaie.


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