Last chance to drink a cup of tea at Jeremy Deller’s snack bar (‘Joy in people’, Wiels)

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The guy near me saw me smile. So he put those headphones on too. But he clearly didn’t get it. Joy Division played on steel drums? I guess one must have been around in the eighties to really see the fun of that. Just as I think one must be a bit of a rock fan to get some of the other stuff in the Jeremy Deller retrospective Joy in people, currently at Wiels (Brussels; through August 19). The search for Bez of the Happy Mondays? Those interviews with Depeche Mode fans? (Do go to the basement for that video.) But with London-born Deller, awarded the Turner Prize in 2004, it’s never just about the music. It’s about much more: social interaction, codes, folk culture. Take his classic restaging of The battle of Orgreave, for instance. Or Valerie’s Snack Bar. You still have five days to visit the great mid-career survey of this ‘self-taught conceptual artist’ and ‘assembler of things’. And don’t forget to watch that video about Deller’s public domain projects, as he conceives most of his art purposefully avoiding galleries. Hurry!


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