Boring Belgium? Visiting all summer exhibitions could easily pass for an Olympic discipline

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Gilbert & George at Baronian, Angel Vergara at Almine Rech, Jonathan Meese at Tim Van Laere. September is shaping up nicely. Just too bad Thomas Hirschhorn has picked Gladstone New York instead of Gladstone Brussels for what will undoubtedly be a much talked about show: an installation inspired by the Costa Concordia sinking.
Just before all the galleries closed down for summer vacation, I was happy to have discovered Lesley Vance‘s work at Xavier Hufkens (Brussels). Sure, her paintings tend to resemble each other, but just as Willem de Kooning’s late paintings they nevertheless never fail to attract. Suave abstract expressionism somebody once wrote. Interesting to see how Vance – one of Time magazine’s three favorites of the Whitney Biennial 2010 –  constructs little sceneries (still lifes) as the starting point for her paintings.
So yes, (almost) no galleries to visit for a couple of weeks. But, eumhh, have you seen all the rest yet? Visiting all the summer exhibitions in Belgium could easily pass for an Olympic discipline: Track (Ghent), Manifesta 9 (Genk), Middelheim (Antwerp), Beaufort (seaside), Jeremy Deller (Brussels), Jimmie Durham (Antwerp), Sol LeWitt (Leuven), Summer of photography, Un-Scene II, Mindscapes, Photomaton and Pop-Up (Brussels). Boring Belgium? Don’t think so. (images Lesley Vance: courtesy Xavier Hufkens & This Long Century)


2 Responses to “Boring Belgium? Visiting all summer exhibitions could easily pass for an Olympic discipline”

  1. Small error: Manifesta is in Genk, not Ghent.

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