Unearthly party on nine big video screens: ‘The feast of Trimalchio’, new at Vanhaerents Art Collection (Brussels)

Going into town tonight, for that special Gallery Night (6pm-10pm), on the occasion of Art Brussels? Don’t forget to include the Vanhaerents Art Collection in your programme. They’re open as well. And why am I telling you this? Because art collector Walter Vanhaerents has just replaced David Altmejd’s impressive Colossi by an equally impressive (and huge) 3 channel (9 screens) video installation by Russian art collective AES+F: The feast of Trimalchio.
It was shown already at the Biennales in Venice and Sydney. You might not be a fan of the aesthetic aspect of this video, based on a character from Petronius’ Satyricon, but you will still be impressed by the artistic tour de force: the video is actually made up of individual photographs of lots of models in a studio, while the setting was digitally created.
Going over to the Vanhaerents Collection tomorrow (2pm-5pm) is even a better idea: then you can visit the rest of the collection too. The feast of Trimalchio will stay on show at the project room till November 30, 2013. More pics after the jump, video teaser here. (all images: courtesy Vanhaerents Art Collection).


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