A tiny little toothpick and an artist stacking plinths: Wannes Goetschalckx at M (Leuven)

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He’s the guy who turned a tree into a toothpick (at Casino Luxembourg last year), but Wannes Goetschalckx is certainly more than that, as anyone who visits his current exhibition at M (Leuven; through May 13) will notice. You’ll see a clever mind at work, with a slight predilection for the absurd, never neglecting the aesthetic side of what it comes up with.
The main work the Belgian artist presents at M is 1 WITHOUT, a video installation he created for the Liverpool Biennial, in 2010: eleven white plinths (wit hout meaning white wood in Dutch) with videos showing the artist engaged in daily actions and rituals within a wooden space, and 1 without a monitor, connected to a big wooden box. Do go on a Sunday as it’s the only day you’ll see Goetschalckx adding a live element to the installation: inside his shed he’ll be moving and stacking plinths just as the ones in the hall, as if trying to solve a puzzle. You’ll be able to watch him through the empty hole in that twelfth plinth.
Also on display at M: the tiny little toothpick – of course – and a video documenting that project, a sculpture (Work), and One To Tree, a video recording of a performance at Buda (Kortrijk) in 2010.


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