It’s chilly in here: white girl in a white wide space (Don Brown at Almine Rech, Brussels)

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Sometimes you don’t know who to applaud: the artist or the one who set up the exhibition. Let me try to explain. Mounting an exhibition in the main hall of the Almine Rech gallery in Brussels is a tough one, for any artist. It’s big. It’s white. Works of art just tend to disappear in that vast space. But the current exhibition at the gallery proves that in fact you don’t need much, really, to make an impression: just two sculptures and ten photographs. They fit in an eerie way: those white sculptures and those white walls; the greyness of the pictures and that grey floor; the iciness of Don Brown‘s works of art and the artsy chilliness of that white cube. You’ll see: it’ll get to you. It’s just too perfect, too glacial. So: I’m not sure if I’m a fan of Brown’s works of art, but I have to admit that something is going on in that gallery. Don Brown? The British artist who’s been using his wife Yoko as a muse for quite a few years now. Rock fans might know him from his cover for Spiritualized‘s album Let it come down. At Almine Rech he presents for the first time large photographs of his statues. Icy. (through March 1)


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