The boy, the baby, the rock or the car crash? Which one will I take home? (‘45.000 affiches’, Michel François, MAC’s)

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If I would have been one of the museum guards at MAC’s, I would have had bets going on with my colleagues on what type of visitor is taking what kind of poster. Fashionably dressed art aficionado? He’ll take the one with the woman and the sunglasses. Mother with a stroller? She’ll go for the one with the baby belly. Wonder what I’m talking about? 45.000 affiches (1994-2011), by Michel François, an exhibition that turns watching art (posters) into a slightly different experience (through January 29; at the Grand-Hornu site, near Mons). Each of the 45 pictures by this Belgian artist, made throughout his career, has been printed on 1.000 copies. So everywhere you go, you’ll find stacks of large posters. And each visitor is allowed to take one of those 45 prints home. While looking at them, you wonder: which one? Strange how it makes you experience these works of art in a totally different way. Or is it just me, chronically unable to make decisions?


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