Even Charles Saatchi likes them: last chance to see Kati Heck’s monumental paintings (Tim Van Laere Gallery, Antwerp)

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One of the things I had been meaning to tell you about, at the end of last year, was one of my favourite December shows: Kati Heck at Tim Van Laere Gallery. Saturday is your last chance to see Multikulti Sause, Hecks first exhibition at the gallery, so do drop by if you happen to be in Antwerp. Heck (32) was born in Düsseldorf, but moved to Antwerp when she was eighteen. Multikulti Sause is a reference to Angela Merkel’s statement ‘Multikulti is tot’ (multiculturalism has failed); Heck uses the word Sause (‘party’ in German) wanting to stress the fact that all kinds of people can have a great time together. Hecks canvases are monumental, and even if you don’t like her style (mixing all kinds of elements and influences), you’ll have to admit that they possess an intriguing quality. Even Charles Saatchi has discovered her art: he owns a couple of Hecks and will show them during an exhibition he has announced on his website, Painters’ painters. A new catalogue will be presented Thursday evening at Tim Van Laere.


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