Welcome to my Wunderkammer: a gloomy cabinet of curiosities filled with Belgian contemporary art (Botanique, Brussels)

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Wait a minute: is this a work of art, or an object taken from a science museum? Or is it borrowed from the prop department of a Hollywood film studio? It is Antonio Nardone‘s intention to make you doubt. For his Wunderkammer (on view at Botanique, Brussels; through January 29) the curator/gallerist has assembled a varied collection of works by 20 artists living in Belgium. Among them some big names such as Jan Fabre or Wim Delvoye. The contemporary art exhibition is based on the concept of the cabinet of curiosities from the renaissance, and focuses on the imaginary worlds artists create, while toying around with elements from science and superstition. I have to say that a lot of the works in this Wunderkammer aren’t my cup of tea, but I admit that this is a great concept and that the gloomy room built specially for this exhibition looks amazing and the overall set-up is wonderful. Do pay attention to the soundtrack as well, with music by Pantha Du Prince, Amiina, Martin Denny, The Creatures and Einstürzende Neubauten.


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