Rumpelstiltskin has just left the building: Kenneth Andrew Mroczek at Elisa Platteau (Brussels)

Was it because I walked in after sunset? And that the fairytale atmosphere made even a bigger impression on me, in the dark, with just the soft, mysterious light of the lamps? I really had the impression I had ended up in a Brothers Grimm-created landscape, and that the fairytale characters had just left the building. Just some pieces of furniture, nice light, plants and other objects, in an exhibition inspired by a myriad of influences. Do pay a visit to Kenneth Andrew Mroczek‘s Blossom tides, blossom shadows, at Elisa Platteau & Cie Galerie (through January 1), if you happen to be in the centre of Brussels. And preferably after dark. The American, Brussels-based artist has just published a new book (edition of 200) as well, in collaboration with Brussels-based curatorial collective Komplot: Y€$, I see stars, ‘an inquiry into the daily-visual landscape of Brussels and beyond’.


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