The cat who loved art: Milord watches over ‘The Visitor’ (HISK graduation show, Ghent)

And so I finally met Milord. Milord the cat. The temporary housekeeper at HISK, Ghent. The cat with the camera. The funny and fitting element Komplot-curators Sonia Dermience and Heidi Ballet added to The Visitor, their presentation of the work of the 12 laureates in that mansion-like building. The cat as a symbolic element linking all the artworks on display. HISK? That postgraduate course in audiovisual and visual art, providing 24 young artists from Belgium and abroad with a studio of their own for two years. I found it rather exciting to dwell through the darkened rooms of that big house. There’s something appealing to a graduation show such as The Visitor. Even though you might not like everything you see, you do see possibilities and struggles. You feel they are questioning things and trying to find their own ‘voice’, and you wonder where these artists might go from here. So, do visit The Visitor (till December 11). As you go to Ghent for Johan Grimonprez for instance, as it’s close to S.M.A.K..


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