The French State as an art collector: ‘Collector’ presents 150 works of art by 86 artists in Lille

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In for some Xmas shopping? Just across the border, for a change? And you want to justify your spending spree by thinking that you absolutely had to go there to visit an exhibition? Then I’ve got two suggestions for you. First: Lille (France). Until January 1 Tri Postal (real close to train stations Lille Flanders & Lille Europe) is presenting Collector: 6.000 m2, 150 works of art, by 86 artists, drawn from the vast collection (90.000 pieces of art) of the French Centre National des Arts Plastiques (CNAP). One of the missions of CNAP is to enrich the national collections (of the state) and to promote modern art to a broader audience. Upon entering you might think that Collector is some sort of playground with an artistic touch, but don’t worry, it gets better on the other two floors. You’ll come across works of art by Maurizio Cattelan, Raymond Pettibon, James Lee Byars, William Kentridge and many others. Don’t go looking for Felix Gonzalez-Torres though. There’s a sign on the wall indicating where his work of art should have been, but all the sheets of paper have been taken away by now.


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