Thinking outside the box: ‘Precarious Interchange’ at Waxy Pith (Brussels)

A little coloured bird, flapping its wings. It’s just one of the works at Precarious Interchange that put a smile on my face. Or that copy machine, taken apart by an artist wondering how many pieces he would able to take away, before the machine broke down. Sure, there are plenty of good galleries in Brussels and Antwerp, but it’s good to know that there are nice things happening off the beaten track too. Such as the exhibitions for one day by Ponyhof Gallery (Antwerp), or Jodie Hruby’s nomadic and slightly eccentric gallery Waxy Pith in Brussels. For each exhibition she chooses a new location. You’ll find her Precarious Interchange until November 13 at the ground floor of a building on the corner of Rue de Barchon/Rue d’Ophem (near Ste Catherine). And do ask for a private tour by the lady of the house. Her next exhibition? Probably in a kitchen showroom.

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