Don’t forget the peephole! Mika Rottenberg’s viewing machines at M Museum (Leuven)

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Going to M Museum (Leuven) for Dirk Braeckman? Don’t forget to drop by at Mika Rottenberg‘s exhibition too. Cheese, Squeeze and Tropical Breeze (through February 26) opened yesterday, as part of the Playground festival, set up by STUK & M Museum; a short festival which tries to be a meeting point for performing arts and visual arts. Rottenberg (born in Argentina, living in NY) specializes in viewing machines: she shows her films as part of an installation. M presents 7 of those installations. During the opening, the queue made it clear that a tiny little hole in the wall needed your attention too. But I can imagine that on an ordinary day one could easily think that there’s nothing going on in that empty room. So: don’t forget that little peephole, in the corner. You’ll see a 2 min. video called Fried Sweat, recorded in a kitsch hotel room at the Pocono Resort (USA).


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