Shades of grey wherever you go: Dirk Braeckman at M Museum (Leuven)

My favorite Dirk Braeckman picture? This one. Because it is hanging at the perfect spot, in the corner of that top room at M Museum (Leuven; through January 8). It is impossible to see, when standing in front of it, whether it’s because of the light from outside (the reflection of it) that you can’t see what’s going on in the top half of the picture, or if Braeckman himself (with his flash) has been responsible for those reflections. Yes, the survey of this Belgian painter turned photographer (on whom the discovery of a book with crime-scene photo’s had a revelatory effect) is a must-see. Even though, with so many of his gloomy pictures brought together, you start noticing his tricks and you wonder if he isn’t overdoing it on some of the recurring themes in his work. Interesting to see as well how, after his analogue years (always that Contax T2) Braeckman is now trying out digital and even colour. Zeno X Gallery (Antwerp) is presenting a couple of his new pictures as well (through November 26). Not familiar with this photographer, who considers his darkroom as a really important tool? More images after the jump.

You’ll find thumbnails of many more of Braeckman’s pictures on his site, here. The exhibition catalogue is published by Roma Publications.


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