Flying cutlery, a mattress, butterflies and solid blocks of rock: just some things to see in Brussels

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Time flies. There are a couple of gallery shows in Brussels I had really wanted to talk about separately, but as some of them are almost over already, I thought I’d just post some images to help you decide if you need to include them in your tour. Don’t miss La vie mode d’emploi (Life a user’s manual) at Meessen De Clercq (through October 15), a wonderful group show including work by some 30 artists, as a tribute to the eponymous book by Georges Perec. Just around the corner Xavier Hufkens is presenting new work by Adam Fuss (through October 22). You’ll certainly be impressed by that gloomy first room with daguerreotype pictures. Antoine Bouillot is mixing kitsch and high fashion symbols in a strange way, throwing in some elements along the way to try and shock, at Alice Gallery (through October 29), and for a much more austere show, you’ll have to go to Greta Meert. Technique & Sentiment (through November 5) presents a selection of five young sculptors, curated by Didier Vermeiren.


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