Those crabs are moving! Panamarenko unveils new work of art in Knokke-Heist

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Retired? Panamarenko? The celebrated 71-year old Belgian artist might have said so in 2005, but he appears to be rather busy these days. He just unveiled his Waving crabs in Knokke-Heist (at the Belgian seaside): three silvery islands with fountains, crabs (tails moving in the wind), and a vortex. It’s a giant work of art based on a drawing he made in ’75 after a visit to the Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe. He now is preparing two new works for the place that used to be his atelier in Antwerp (it will open as a kind of museum) and last but not least: he is working on a project for the city of Munich, called Knikkebeinen Ravens. That should be ready by 2013 (budget: 700.000 EUR). From October 30 till January 15 you can visit an exhibition devoted to Panamarenko’s work in Knokke-Heist (Panamarenko Paradox).


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