The world above ground is unstable: last call for Gideon Kiefer (Geukens & De Vil, Antwerp)

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In an odd way they remind me of those Biggles adventure books I used to read as a teenager. There’s something immediately appealing to them, they carry a tinge of mystery and nostalgia, they refer to the past ánd to a bigger world in which terrible things happen that you’re not yet capable of understanding. Biggles, as a fighter pilot, knows his maths, Kiefer uses geometric patterns. And: if you’ve come to like one book, you absolutely want to read the other ones too. The World Above Ground Is Unstable, the new show (last days: through October 8) by Belgian artist/illustrator Gideon Kiefer has proven to be a successful one for Antwerp gallery Geukens & De Vil: all of Kiefer’s paintings have been sold, and there now even is a waiting list for them. ‘His drawings seem to appeal to a broader audience as well as to serious art collectors’, the gallerists explain. In some of these new works (often drawn on old book covers) Kiefer refers to economist Milton Friedman and shock therapy psychiatrist Ewen Cameron. Want to know what the buzz is all about? Grab that last opportunity to visit the exhibition. Or check Kiefer’s site, here.


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