Two artists, two tables, same idea: Walead Beshty & Pierre Bismuth (Brussels)

Funny how sometimes artists can come up with the same idea almost simultaneously and do something different with it. Take these stains on a table. Or rather: these stains on two tables. The pictures are lousy, I know, but I needed them to prove my point. During Brussels Art Days I discovered two rather similar projects, by two renowned artists, at two different galleries: two white stained tabletops. One by Walead Beshty (at Rodolphe Janssen, through October 29) and one by Pierre Bismuth (at D&A Lab, through October 10). The concept? At first the surface of the table is white, but after heavy usage the tabletop gets stained and those stains are meant to give the table its uniqueness. The difference? Beshty’s table (by the way: interesting artist, disappointing show at Janssen) becomes a work of art you can hang on your wall, Bismuth’s table is a design object. It’s meant to be used as a table. Want to know what those tables really look like? You’ll find pictures after the jump.


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