Fashion can be art too: Walter Van Beirendonck’s ‘Dream the world awake’ (MoMu, Antwerp)

For anyone still not convinced that fashion can be art, just one address: ModeMuseum, Antwerp. Because Walter Van Beirendonck‘s Dream The World Awake (through February 19) is probably the most exhilarating art exhibition on show in Belgium, right now. I’m not kidding. It’s a dizzying experience, walking amid those 100 revolving mannequins on pedestals, wearing his outrageous, colourful costumes. It’s an inspiring exhibition that makes you laugh and at the same time marvel at what the brain of a great, slightly eccentric artist can come up with. It makes you want to be creative too. And yes, there’s even some art as well. As the Belgian fashion designer wanted to show some of the things that inspire(d) him, you’ll come across works by Ugo Rondinone (Moonrise West August), Ai Weiwei (Coca Cola Vase), Paul McCarthy (Dick Eye & Heidi-video with Mike Kelley), Louise Bourgeois (Untitled, 2003), Jake & Dinos Chapman (Happy meal 2; Two faced cunt), a couple of pictures by Robert Mapplethorpe and of course one of the walking sculptures he collaborated on with Erwin Wurm. But you’ll have to really look for them, because your eyes will be glued to those clothes. Must-see.


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