A cement mixer spitting out art history: Jonathan Callan at Hopstreet (Brussels)

Doesn’t it just look like a painting to you? By some contemporary artist referring to that pointillist tradition? Well: wrong. It’s a picture zooming in on a part of probably the weirdest art installation on show in Brussels, right now: Historical Tinnitus by Jonathan Callan, at Hopstreet gallery (through October 22). For this new work (or: the remnants of a performance) the British artist pulped quite a number of art books and magazines in a cement mixer (in a chronological order!). The mixer was placed facing a wall and spat the pulp out, from left to right. Callan is suffering from tinnitus and to him all the sounds in a restaurant seem to be compressed within a simple layer. He has ‘processed’ art history in a similar way. By compressing it into one layer he wants to underline the absurdity of trying to write art history down in a linear narrative. Want to know what it really looks like? You’ll find a picture of the room after the jump.

(Click on the image to enlarge)


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