‘Sleeping beauties’ (luckily) offers a whole lot more than just Spencer Tunick’s bodies

Don’t let that clever Spencer Tunick campaign and all his naked bodies put you off. Yes, all the Belgian media have been talking about Tunick’s July photo shoot, but only two of his pictures have ended up in Sleeping Beauties (through November 13), a little gem of an exhibition at Gaasbeek Castle (near Brussels), focusing on works of art inspired by sleep and dream. Art connoisseurs will probably discover nothing new, but they will have to admit that Sleeping Beauties consists of a well-chosen collection of works nicely presented in the rooms of that castle. Among the highlights are works by David Claerbout (Venice Lightbox, 2000), Hans Op de Beeck (Determination (New York Kids), 2003) and Bill Viola (The Sleep Of Reason, 1988), but the rest of the selection is almost flawless too: Kelly Schacht (Young Belgian Painters Award 2011), Jan Fabre, Lili Dujourie, Sophie Calle, Tobias Schalken, Michaël Borremans (three small paintings), Desiree Dolron and Andres Serrano. For those desperately in need of a shot of beauty.


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