Four photographers, four different worlds, one exhibition: ‘Insight’ (FotoMuseum, Antwerp)

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Funny how sometimes your appreciation of an artist (and his work) can change, just by seeing more of that particular artist. That’s why I enjoyed Insight, at FotoMuseum Antwerp (through September 25), an exhibition presenting pictures by four photographers: Elke Andreas Boon, Elinor Carucci, Alexandra Cool and Jacques Sonck. It made me think and question my preferences. At first sight, all of their projects seemed attractive. But the more I saw of Carucci’s intimate portraits documenting her life, or Alexandra Cool’s attempts to catch the invisible with her portraits of authors, the less intrigued I became. Whereas the opposite happened while watching work by the other two photographers. Jacques Sonck ‘just’ takes pictures of unusual people, but the more I saw of his pictures, the more fascinated I became by his never-ending project. And the more glimpses you catch of Elke Andreas Boon’s universe, the more you wonder what is really going on in those pictures.


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