Red roses, hallucinatory effects in a church, and a weird Girl from Ipanema: ‘Contour 2011’

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A bouquet of red roses on stage in a dark theatre hall. That’s what I’ll probably be remembering from Contour 2011, the fifth biennial of moving image in Mechelen (through October 30). It’s part of The painter’s enemy, an intriguing new installation by Belgian artist Edith Dekyndt. Curated by Anthony Kiendl Contour (focusing on the links between music, moving image and social change) presents some 15 works of art (videos mostly) at 10 different locations. It will take you 3 hours to do the tour and watch them all.
Not all of the selected works are that exceptional, but the tour does take you to a few unexpected and really beautiful locations in the historical city-centre of Mechelen, such as the recently rediscovered Bimsem chapel (with two other highlights: Rodney Graham‘s Rotary psycho-opticon and Adam Pendleton‘s Band). A rather funny combination: Gysin & Sommerville‘s hallucinatory Dreamachine, presented in a church. There will be a one-off performance by Lee Ranaldo & Leah Singer on September 30.


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