SUMMER TRIP 3: a Ferris wheel in a submarine wharf (Elmgreen & Dragset, Rotterdam)

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What the Turbine Hall is to London and the Tate Modern, the Onderzeebootloods (Submarine Wharf) is to Rotterdam and the Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen: a huge exhibition hall for special commissions. This summer Elmgreen & Dragset are trying to fill the enormous space with The One & The Many (through September 25).
It’s the third part of a trilogy by this Danish/Norwegian duo. The first part (The Welfare Show) was presented at the Serpentine Gallery (London, 2006), the second (The Collectors) at the Venice Biennale (2009). They were selected for the Fourth Plinth-project (2012) at Trafalgar Square (London) and they will take part in Ghent’s Track exhibition, next year.
The One & The Many is trying to offer visitors a surreal experience, with a giant housing block, a Ferris wheel, the flickering light from a neon sign, and actors walking around in a huge decor resembling a film set. I’m not sure though it’s a really convincing work of art. I’ve seen theatre sets by Anna Viebrock, for instance, which impressed me more. But nevertheless: a place you absolutely have to go to, if you happen to be in Rotterdam (and you can go there by boat!).


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