A Polish cemetery and Flemish trees: all of that and more, this summer at Bozar (Brussels)

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A bunch of naked people running around, playing tag in a former concentration camp gas chamber. A controversial work of art, but I didn’t feel anything. That’s when I thought: you need a holiday. Now that I’m back I do want to remind you of the fact that Bozar (Brussels) is a place you have to go to this summer. Apart from that great Jeff Wall exhibition (18.000 visitors already) and the Young Belgian Painters Award exhibition, it presents The Power Of Fantasy (through September 18), an interesting overview of Polish modern and contemporary art (with a cemetery by Robert Kusmirowski and Artur Mijewski – who made that gas chamber video in ’99 – one of the ten most interesting artists today, according to Newsweek), and Beyond The Document (through September 25), bringing together thirteen Belgian photographers, all of them focusing on ‘the age-old boundary between artwork and document, between subjective interpretation and objective representation’. Utopia Parkway’s favorite in that show? Bert Danckaert’s minimalist, almost abstract pictures.
(all images: courtesy Bozar)


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