Ring, ring. ‘Hello?’ ‘This is Yoko Ono speaking.’ (‘The Encounter’, Jan Mot, Brussels)

‘Oh my god, I can’t believe this’, the girl said, after she had put down that white phone. ‘I don’t even remember what she said. Something about buddhism and that she was in Tokyo and that she was sending us her love.’ Or what can happen if you walk into Jan Mot (Brussels) on a Saturday afternoon and the phone rings. Pick it up and you’ll have Yoko Ono on the other end of the line. Even the people at the gallery were slightly amazed: ‘This is actually the first time it rings.’ Yep, while most galleries are closed for the summer, Jan Mot presents The Encounter (through September 3, Tue-Sat, 2-8 (!) pm), a small show with just a couple of works, focusing on that element of encounter. But do go there, because during your short guided tour, you’ll suddenly see your guide bending over sideways, asking: ‘What do you think this is about?’ For the second time this summer: Tino Sehgal. First in Avignon (This situation), now in Brussels (This is about). And this being Brussels, I wonder how long it takes before someone steals the shoe that holds the front door open (a work of art, actually).


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