Lemons, cabbages and the sea: Cy Twombly’s marvellous Polaroids (‘Le temps retrouvé, Avignon)

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Vaut le détour. Since we’re talking about the south of France I’ll allow myself to use this cliché for once. And just for once. I’m glad that by travelling to Avignon, I’ve been able to pay my respects to the late Cy Twombly, so to say. The great American painter died on July 5 in Rome and Le temps retrouvé (Collection Lambert, Avignon; through October 30) is one of the last exhibitions he had been working on. It’s a marvellous exhibition which combines well-chosen works of other artists with lesser-known work by Twombly: his Polaroids printed on paper. You’ll find a room dedicated to the photographs of Twombly’s good friend Sally Mann, two works by Belgian artist David Claerbout, Sol LeWitt’s great and funny Autobiography, lots of pictures by Jacques-Henri Lartigue and works by Hiroshi Sugimoto, Louise Lawler and Cindy Sherman. When you’ve seen all of this you’ll walk into a couple of rooms with those deceivingly simple, colourful Twombly Polaroids. If you happen to be in the south of France: compulsory viewing. PS: There’s also a large overview of Twombly’s Polaroids currently on display at Siegen (Germany), through October 30. Info here. (all images: courtesy Collection Lambert).


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