Are you part of the picture or not? Postcards From The Future create last tableau vivant

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Has it started yet? Is it over already? Let’s just say there was a fair amount of chaos involved, yesterday evening, for the ‘assemblage’ of that last Postcard From The Future, at that otherwise busy street in Elsene/Ixelles (Brussels), at Porte de Namur. Actress/director Heike Langsdorf was running around with a big poster of that last Postcard, but nevertheless, too bad they hadn’t called in a director with a megaphone, to give orders. Because as a spectator you were waiting for that moment when what you saw in front of your eyes resembled that postcard exactly. And so everybody was continually comparing those postcards to what they were seeing on the street, and in the end, when everything seemed to fall apart, everybody decided that yes, probably, at some moment or so there must have been some sort of resemblance. But anyway: for their last ‘intervention’ in Brussels, art/theatre trio C&H chose to restage Porte de Namur! – Porte de l’Amour?, a big fresco hanging in a shopping street in that African part of town, Matongé. Postcards From The Future? Over and out.


One Response to “Are you part of the picture or not? Postcards From The Future create last tableau vivant”

  1. Enrica Passado-Burgo Says:

    The chaos was on purpose ! C&H’s postcards from the future are meant to face reality : they could have easily give orders through a megaphone, – sure – but what would this mean ? That the people participating can follow instructions ? The chaos was the strength of the postcard : we were looking on what people actually could and wanted to realize at that moment, without !!! being directed. And by the way, there was lot’s of ressemblance ;-), and the build-up from ‘nothing to see’ until ‘everybody being there as good as it got’ was impressive : “are you part of the image or not” was the exiting !!! question to pose indeed ! (only critique from my side – the actors could have ‘hold’ their final pose a bit longer ;-))

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