Two eyelashes on a white wall and other notes from a diary: Miks Mitrevics at VidalCuglietta

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Sometimes you enter a room and even though there’s nobody else and it’s completely quiet, and those works of art are rather unassuming, just hanging there silently, nevertheless it is as if the whole room is brimming with an intangible energy. I know I probably should be writing about the current Erwan Mahéo show at VidalCuglietta (Brussels, through July 15), but it was the room with works by Ghent-based Latvian artist Miks Mitrevics that caught my attention: Noise in the corridor its 5:23′ and I know it’s the postman bringing the letters. Sure, you realize that this is an artist still trying to find the best way to express himself and some of his stuff is a bit too playful, but nevertheless I really liked almost feeling that struggle, and that mix of naivety, simplicity, mystery and poetry: trying to come up with works of art that are unostentatious yet captivating, using the idea of notes from a diary. You’ll find an interesting video interview with Mitrevics here. (All pictures: courtesy VidalCuglietta)


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