Let me out! ‘Explosition’, or a short history of graffiti in Brussels

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‘Expo de merde!‘, a young guy said to his friends as they were leaving that overcrowded Musée d’Ixelles/Museum van Elsene, yesterday evening, during the opening of Explosition. I wouldn’t phrase it that way, but I do guess it’s a fight you can’t win. It’s impossible to represent that wild and boisterous world of graffiti inside the walls of a museum. Sure, Explosition has works by Arne Quinze, Jean-Luc Moerman, a whole aisle devoted to the world of that mysterious Bonom and a couple of new works created for the exhibition, but you never feel the true spirit of graffiti. That explosion of colours, the thinking big it involves, that slight sense of danger and audacity. Still wondering what I’m talking about? Explosition is the summer exhibition at Musée d’Ixelles (through September 4) – recently awarded with the Museum Prize 2011 (for Brussels) – documenting the history of graffiti in Brussels. Adrien Grimmeau, curator of the exhibition, has also written a book about the history of graffiti in the capital of Belgium (in French): Dehors! Le graffiti à Bruxelles (published by CFC-Editions).


One Response to “Let me out! ‘Explosition’, or a short history of graffiti in Brussels”

  1. Beetje te laat, maar in het licht van de eeuwigheid doet dat er niet echt toe.

    happy b’day, Mr. Parkway!

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