Kelly Schacht wins Young Belgian Painters Award 2011

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Funny to see: many visitors were wondering what exactly was going on in Un tour d’horizon, the installation for which Kelly Schacht was awarded the Young Belgian Painters Award (Crowet, 25.000 euro), yesterday at Bozar (Brussels). When it got less crowded you suddenly noticed that some of those people staring at these white backdrops, were sort of part of Schacht’s work of art. Thereby stressing that performatic gaze for which she was awarded the prize, still one of the most important ones in Belgian contemporary art.
The jury unanimously praised the Belgian artist for her intense research on the relationship between the work of art, the space and the spectator, and how this relationship transforms itself in a performatic gaze. The other winners were: Freek Wambacq (ING Award, 12.500 euro), Pieterjan Ginckels (Center For Fine Arts Award, 12.500 euro), Paul Hendrikse and David Catherall (Langui Award, 12.500 euro).
The (new) works of art of the ten finalists (275 candidates) are on view at Bozar through September 9. Not all of it is really top-notch, but during the opening most connoisseurs seemed to agree on the fact that this is a better exhibition than the last one (2009).


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