Mademoiselle Nineteen giving you the finger: Charlotte Beaudry (‘Get drunk’) at Wiels

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Isn’t it nice, those piercing eyes of that young blond girl staring at you, when you enter the room? And then you notice those tiny silvery letters, forming the words Get drunk, on the wall to your left. Belgian painter Charlotte Beaudry didn’t want things to be too heavy, for her exhibition at Wiels (Brussels; through August 14). Get drunk, as in: I’m going to a bar and I’m just going to have fun. And yes, sometimes you don’t need more that just that: a few nice paintings to look at, that introduce you to the world of a painter you might not be that familiar with. Anyone walking into Beaudry’s exhibition will notice that she has a thing for adolescence and androgyny and that she likes to leave things (faces) concealed in these paintings that have a ‘pop’-quality and will remind you of the work of Robert Longo. Some might find this too shallow or decorative, but it certainly is an exhibition that will appeal to a younger audience, and it’s a nice counterbalance to the other exhibitions at Wiels (Sven Augustijnen and Nasreen Mohamedi). For more info, do visit Beaudry’s website as it has plenty of images.


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