Erwin Wurm and Walter Van Beirendonck unveil brightly coloured ‘walking sculptures’ for Antwerp’s Middelheimpark

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Going for a stroll in Antwerp’s Middelheimpark is always a good idea, but this summer you have no excuse for not going there as Austrian sculptor Erwin Wurm is temporarily adding 25 sculptures to that vast sculpture garden. Yesterday Wurm unveiled the ‘walking sculptures’ he has been working on with renowned Antwerp fashion designer Walter Van Beirendonck: five brightly coloured, fluffy creatures that would make Big Bird from Sesame Street turn green with envy. Each day at 4PM one of them will go for a walk in the park. Wurm has also created a couple of new ‘performative sculptures’, on display at the Braem Pavillion. Funny to see how even Wurm’s tallest sculptures become really small among the big trees in that park. Highly recommended. (‘Wear me out’, through September 25, free entrance).


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