Eyes that see in the dark and other American art from Belgian collectors: ‘After Images’ (Brussels)

Contemporary art at the Jewish Museum of Belgium (Brussels)? Yes, as it’s set up in a place somehow off the beaten track, After Images (through August 28) is an exhibition that deserves a special mention. And you’ll notice that in fact those rooms of that old house happen to be a nice spot for exhibiting contemporary art. After Images, focusing on recent American art, was set up by art collector Charles Berkovic, gallerist Catherine Bastide, and curated by Fionn Meade. And when you’re reading all the labels attached to the walls, you can not help but realize, once again, that Belgium must be a country with more art collectors than you’d think, as most of these works belong to Belgian art collectors (Mimi & Filiep Libeert, Vanmoerkerke, Duvel Moortgat Collection). The concept of After Images is rather vague but the exhibition does comprise some 40 works of John Baldessari, Lorna Simpson, Kelley Walker, Christopher Williams and many others. And no, unfortunately, those candles aren’t burning.


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