An evanescent tornado of candies: Lionel Estève’s ‘There are no circles’ (Brussels)

Isn’t it great? A work of art that can’t be captured on a photograph? That is so evanescent that it won’t show on a picture? Which implies that you actually have to go and see it, to really experience it? So do overcome your fear for really posh boutiques and bravely open that door of the Hermès shop in Brussels (Bd de Waterloo 50) and walk to La Verrière, that exhibition space at the back of the shop. A wonderful reward will be yours: you’ll be seeing the Milky Way made out of multi coloured beads. Or maybe you would want to compare it to a tornado of candies. It’s an uncanny, beautiful, playful and humourous installation by Brussels-based French artist Lionel Estève, on view through July 2. And don’t be cynical. I know Estève has already come up with similar huge mobiles. Just marvel at the wonder of it all. You’ll find more about Estève here.


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