Art In The City, Gallery Night, Belgacom Art Prize: Art Brussels is taking over… Brussels

'Sold' (Peter De Meyer; presented by gallery Geukens & De Vil at Art Brussels)

And once again the circus is coming to town. Year by year the number of activities surrounding Art Brussels is increasing. Tonight the contemporary art fair will be open on invitation only, from tomorrow onwards everyone will be able to visit the booths of some 170 galleries. A couple of things worth pointing out… For the first time the Belgacom Art Prize (10.000 euro) will be awarded to one of the 14 artists selected for a solo show at Art Brussels. Watch out for a couple of ‘interventions’ set up by artists chosen by Italian magazine Mousse. Don’t forget to visit Art In The City, a sculpture exhibition at the Egmontpark, next to The Hotel, for the duration of the fair. Do visit some art galleries on Friday night before you hit the bar: some 33 galleries up and downtown stay open until 10 PM, during Gallery Night. And don’t forget that two exhibitions are opening at ‘unusual’ places: After images at the Jewish Museum of Belgium, and Sympathy for the devil at the Vanhaerents Art Collection. No stress: plenty of time to visit those later on.


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