Doors leading nowhere: Pedro Cabrita Reis ‘gathering memories’ at M-Museum (Leuven)

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They took me by surprise: those two stacks of old doors, in that corner, in that backroom. Yes, just some derelict doors. But in that corner, they exuded a strange sense of beauty and melancholy. Or that weird cupboard, trying to find its balance. It’s just wood or metal. Found, rough or industrial materials. Neon tubes. But after Portuguese artist Pedro Cabrita Reis – who describes himself as a gatherer of memories – has laid his hands on all that stuff, it possesses a strange poetic quality. It was a real treat for me to discover his oeuvre at M-Museum (Leuven, through May 22); apparently the most comprehensive presentation of Cabrita Reis’ work to date. Cabrita Reis took part in Documenta IX (’92) and the Venice Biennale (2003). This exhibition was already presented in Hamburg, Nîmes and will travel to Lisbon. Going to M? Don’t forget to visit the exhibition of promising Belgian artist Freek Wambacq as well (through May 15), who is on the short-list for the Young Belgian Painters’ Award this summer.


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