Did they stand up from their seats? Only eight of them did (although 15.000 postcards were sent)

So did they stand up? (see previous post here) For those of you who were wondering, the answer is: no. Although 30 members of the European Parliament had confirmed they would answer that call from the Postcards From The Future-team and -fans, only 8 of them stood up from their seats, March 24 at 12.00. ‘Some of them probably chickened out at the very last moment’, says Christophe Meierhans from art collective C&H, the masterminds behind the Postcards From The Future-project. ‘It wasn’t as spectacular as it could have been.’

‘But we had some back luck too: the president of the parliament had agreed to make a short announcement, which would have encouraged many more members of the parliament to stand up. But at the last moment he was replaced by the vice-president, who didn’t say a word right before twelve o’clock. We had picked the right day though. As they had to be there for the votes, a lot of the members of the parliament were present.’
C&H do not consider this a failure though, as some 15.000 people have used the Postcards-site to send a letter to a member of their choice. ‘We’ve proven that there are ways to communicate with those 732 members of the parliament. The project did work as intended, creating a platform for an encounter.’
In the meanwhile, Meierhans & co have already moved forward to their next Postcards. In May, for instance, they want to set up a traffic jam in the center of Brussels. They will be needing at least 100 cars for that and they are looking for drivers wanting to spend an hour or so in that traffic jam of an artistic kind.

Want to participate? Send an email to: trafficjam@postcardsfromthefuture.be. Info here.


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