Mutants wearing children’s shoes amidst machetes and sickles: Jane Alexander at Elektriciteitscentrale (Brussels)

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Strange little people wearing children’s shoes. Anyone who walks into the Elektriciteitscentrale/Centrale Electrique will be surprised by all the creatures South-African artist Jane Alexander has put (and hidden) in those rooms. Part human, part animal: humanimals, put together in a couple of installations, amidst lots of machetes, sickles and red gloves. The eerie aspect of those mutants got to me more in Alexander’s photomontages than in the installations she presents in Brussels, as I felt the ‘cuteness’ erases a big part of the discomforting aspect in those works of art. But maybe her art will have a more stirring effect on you? Of course Alexander – one of the most acknowledged sculptors in her home country –  is commenting on sociopolitical issues in South-Africa, but she never offers any explanation for her works of art. Alexander is probably most known for her Butcher boys, not on display in Brussels. Security (surveys from the Cape of Good Hope) is on view through August 21. More info here.


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