‘Finisterre’: FotoMuseum picks 18 Belgian photographers for a small show

It deserved a much better spot than that room just across the bookshop. But on the other hand: you can walk in easily and it’s for free. If you’re in Antwerp – for Anselm Kiefer (KMSK), Luc Tuymans (Zeno X) or Gillick & Weiner (M HKA) for instance – do drop by at the FotoMuseum for their current show about young Belgian photographers: Finisterre (through April 24). Not all of it is truly remarkable, but the small exhibition, mixing known and lesser known talent, certainly offers an interesting diversity of styles, and some really nice work (Michèle Matyn, Arno Roncada, Maarten Vanden Abeele). The pictures were chosen by curator Inge Henneman, who has been selecting young photographers for Flemish literary magazine DW B for the last couple of years. Some of you might want to go the FotoMuseum for the exhibition about food photography (Tony LeDuc, Dimitri Tsykalov, Valérie Belin; through June 5), but I certainly preferred this one.


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