Allegories of beauty: Sam Samore at Rodolphe Janssen

Allegories of beauty? Choose this as the title of your work of art and you have my attention, as the concept of beauty in art keeps on fascinating me (hence my series of interviews with artists on beauty). And so I just had to drop by at Galerie Rodolphe Janssen (Brussels) for their new show. Apart from work by Ryan McGinley and Torbjorn Rodland the gallery presents six photos by American artist Sam Samore, all from the nineties (through March 26). In a catalogue from a previous exhibition I read an essay trying to convince me of the ingenious way these photographs are saying something valid about art and beauty, by the ‘careful staging’ of  these ‘snapshots’, by the way these grainy images are cropped and stretched to a cinematoscopic format, and by the fact that the word ‘incomplete’ is added to the title of this seemingly endless series (#164, #173…). But to me they are what they always were: nice black-and-white photographs of beautiful women. Did I miss the point? Do let me know.


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