Believe the hype and drop those prejudices: Luc Tuymans’ ‘Retrospective’ is a gem

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‘You’ll see: there’s much more colour than you’d expect there to be.’ One of many things Luc Tuymans told me when I interviewed him for Belgian newspaper Het Nieuwsblad (you’ll find it here; sorry, Dutch only). Funnily enough the acclaimed Belgian painter doesn’t want his viewers to know too much. He prefers an open mind. And even though (at least for those of you who are living in Belgium) you have seen him in every talk-show or newspaper, and you have heard every single of his stories at least twice, you will still be surprised when you visit Tuymans’ Retrospective at Bozar (Brussels; through May 8). There indeed is much more colour and diversity than you would think, you’ll notice all the different formats (and the absence of frames) and you’ll be happy to discover that, even though you’ve seen the pictures, those paintings are quite different (and much more impressive) when you’re standing in front of them. So yes, do believe the hype: must-see. Especially because it will probably the last time ever that you’ll have the opportunity to see many of these 70 paintings hanging on Belgian walls. All info here.


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