Contemporary artists go for a magic carpet ride

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Tapestries and contemporary art. We’ve had Craigie Horsfield’s colossal tapestries at M HKA (Antwerp) and now this: Art Of The Loom, a collection of 32 tapestries by reputed contemporary artists from Belgium and abroad, on display at Deweer Gallery (in that small and remote Flemish village Otegem, through April 10). But for Mark Deweer the combination of art and tapestries is a logical one. The Belgian gallerist started out with a carpet factory, in ’69. In ’79 the art collector opened his own gallery, next to his factory. For Art Of The Loom (Deweer’s last project before he closed down the factory) he had to go all the way: Jan De Cock wanted a non-existing kind of white and Panamarenko asked for a poster of his show at SMAK to be turned into a six by four meter carpet. At Deweer Gallery you’ll find the tapestries displayed in 15 installations, comprising other works of art (by Fabre, Kabakov and Panamarenko, for instance). I’m not that fond of the set-up and all the chairs that were used, but the tapestries sure look nice. And of course: they are for sale. More info here.


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