Will they do it? Is a simple postcard enough to make the European Parliament stand up?

Remember Postcards From The Future? (read previous post here) That project by art collective C&H, for which they distribute postcards depicting a scene (in Brussels) from the future, with an exact date and time linked to it? So that when you go to the exact place, on the exact date and time, you will be able to check if that ‘prophecy’ was correct? Well, they’ve started distributing their sixth postcard and what may very well be their boldest project: they want all the members of the European Parliament in Brussels to stand up from their seats, in the plenary hall on March 24.

By doing so C&H wants to check if a direct communication is possible between two different Europes: ‘the Europe of the institutions and the Europe of the citizens’. By means of Postcards From The Future they want to try and bridge the gap. Each member of the Parliament will receive a letter (and a postcard). But from all over Europe people can ask their members of parliament too to coöperate by sending them an email. On the Postcards From The Future-site you’ll find letters in all official EU-languages. You just have to fill in your name and click on ‘send’. And if you want to, you can even book your seat on the balcony for March 24, to see what the ‘response’ of the European Parliament will be.

All info here.


3 Responses to “Will they do it? Is a simple postcard enough to make the European Parliament stand up?”

  1. vanholme Says:

    first: they have to be present…

    • the 24th of march at 12h corresponds to the time at which the parliament will be voting the session’s decisions. That is the only time one can be sure that most MEP’s are present in the hemicyle. So the question remains, will they stand up?

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