Zingaro and smoker monkey: on discovering Alessandro Pessoli’s latest body of work

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Sometimes it’s just one painting that lingers in your mind. Sometimes it’s a body of work, in all its diversity, that stays with you. Take Italian, Los Angeles-based artist Alessandro Pessoli‘s new show at Xavier Hufkens (Brussels; through February 19), for instance. There’s something about Giulietta degli spiriti (la notte il giorno), a combination of paintings (oil, enamel and spray paint), collages (made with leftover material from his paintings), pencil on paper drawings, and painted ceramics (all work 2010). About the recurring elements, the colors, the binding themes and references to other painters (Picasso’s guitar), that holds all of this together (even though the artist applies a diversity of techniques). It makes you realize that you’ve just discovered a great artist (even though you might not be that fond of everything he has come up with). It’s one of those small exhibitions that proves that when a gallery show is well done and it’s more than just an offhand presentation of a couple of new works, it can be a wonderful introduction to an artist’s oeuvre. More images from Giulietta degli spiriti here. Older work here.

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