Romeo Castellucci’s ‘Parsifal’ premieres tonight; first images

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Romeo Castellucci‘s first ever and long-awaited opera, Parsifal, will premiere tonight at De Munt/La Monnaie (Brussels). It goes without saying that not only opera lovers are curious to see what the renowned Italian theatre director will come up with. You can be sure that his take on the legendary Richard Wagner opera will be a highly personal and probably unusual one. Unfortunately I will only be able to bring you a review of Parsifal somewhere in February, but I can try to tickle your imagination by showing you the first official pictures of Castellucci’s Parsifal. (all images: Bernd Uhlig) You’ll find more info and rehearsal pictures and videos on the site of De Munt/La Monnaie, here. (You’ll have to register first.) And for some insider’s stories about this Parsifal, do read Andrew Richard‘s (yes, he’s Parsifal) amusing blog (Opera rocks). The only tenor with a weblog?

2 Responses to “Romeo Castellucci’s ‘Parsifal’ premieres tonight; first images”

  1. Fantastic… will be very excited to hear your review. I am immensely jealous that I cannot be there.

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